How It Works

Vehicle delivery is easy! We will guide you through every step of the experience using online tools. You can start online and finish in store or start in store and finish online. You pick. We believe that you deserve the freedom to choose the experience that works best for you. Shop, buy and sell all from the convenience of any location you choose. Now that’s easy. We have local and nationwide transportation options.

Find your perfect match

At 1A Auto Sales, we have a large selection of hybrid and electric vehicles for your choosing. Find the vehicle you’re interested in and set up a test drive.

Create your deal

Whether you choose to purchase online, in-person or a combination of both, our team is flexible. We’ll work with you every step of the way to provide you with a safe shopping and delivery experience.

Finalize the numbers

Our team will work remotely or in person with you on all the paperwork. They’ll make sure you understand all the specifics of the transaction upfront, so there are never any surprises.

Schedule your delivery

Coordinate with our team to find a time and date that fits your schedule.

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